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Converse Club

Converse Club

Converse Club

Converse Club is an exceptional package of bank services that grants an opportunity to benefit from bank services with privileged conditions.

Become a member of Converse Club and you will have the following attractive privileges:

  • You will be serviced in a specially-furnished, separate service hall in our Main Office intended for Converse Club.
  • You will have a personal bank consultant.
  • You will have the opportunity to benefit from the privileged conditions of platinum-class cards.
  • Fast service even in peak hours.
  • You will also be able to be serviced in any branch of Converse Bank, where you will be received and serviced in a separate hall.

Premium Cards

Once you become a premium cardholder of Converse Club, You can benefit from numerous magnificent services and discounts in Armenia as well as abroad.

You will have privileged conditions intended for card acquisition and service.

We also grant an opportunity to benefit from special offers, which we provide to Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cardholders of Converse Club.

Visa Infinite


The Visa Infinite card will guide you through your entire trip, will reward you with positive impulses while making purchases, and you will enjoy unforgettable moments visiting various restaurants.

In addition, you will be provided a free concierge service, in order to fulfill any of your whims. Moreover, in extraordinary circumstances our international support net will come to your rescue, providing you a translation service in your mother tongue.

By being a Visa Infinite cardholder, you will have the following opportunities:

Visa Infinite concierge service

You can order tickets with the help of concierge service, find the restaurant of your choice, and simply enjoy adorable moments.
Your Visa Infinite concierge-service is really limitless to make your pastime or business trip pleasant and convenient.

Help in extraordinary circumstances

Any problem you encounter during your stay abroad will be solved if you are a Visa Infinite cardholder. For example, if you have lost your card or money, or you have encountered a legal or medical problem, or simply wish to meet someone who speaks your mother tongue, we can undertake the role of your assistant.

  • Report a lost or stolen card
  • Urgent card substitute
  • Urgent provision of cash
  • Urgent authorization of payment
  • Consultation regarding medical and legal questions

Special privileges offered during trips

  • Trip insurance
  • Medical service

*The insurance is valid without completing the certificate form.

And finally, more than 1.4 Million ATMs around the world accept Visa cards. We will find the closest ATM for you.


Visa Platinum


The Visa Platinum card, which has membership in the PRIORITY PASS program providing access to VIP lounges in about 600 airports around the world, grants an opportunity of superior service and discounts.

The VISA PLATINUM card has the following advantages:

  • A membership card to the PRIORITY PASS program providing access to VIP lounges in 600 airports around the world.
  • A 24/7 service for the VISA PLATINUM card.
  • Medical and Legal consulting abroad
  • A provision of free medical insurance during trips abroad.

You can choose the currency of the VISA PLATINUM card at your discretion: in AMD, in USD, or in Euros.



  • Possibility of granting a loan limit of 3,000,000 and more in AMD or in an equivalent foreign currency amount
  • Granting of an additional card to family members under the card account
  • Contrary to other cards, the cardholder receives a personal approach from the bank’s as well as the merchant point’s staff
  • Contrary to cash purchases made at merchant points, when making purchases with pre-paid cards you will be provided 3-30% discounts in 250 local merchant points as well as a 75% discount in more than 50,000 hotels abroad.


  • Without limitation the Card is accepted at any merchant point and ATM with the VISA logo in the world, receiving uniquely superior service and discounts.


  • Fast transfer of funds from card to card
  • A text message about the transaction sent to cardholders at the time of transaction
  • 24 hour telephone information system at 010 545514

24-hour service for the VISA PLATINUM card

  • Fast reissuance and delivery of card to any place in the world in case of card loss abroad
  • Transfer of cash money in case of card-related problems abroad.
  • Granting of certificate of voluntary free medical insurance during trips abroad.

The telephone number to the VISA PLATINUM service of “Converse Bank” CJSC is:

(+ 374 10) 54-55-14 
(+ 374 10) 44-03-80


  • Possibility of cardholder’s fast identification via photograph and signature
  • Provision of security and confidentiality of cardholder’s personal data as well as card activity and balance

Medical and legal consultation abroad

You have the opportunity to benefit from medical and legal consultation with the help of Visa international fee-accounting system.

  • Telephone medical consultation
  • Medical guide
  • Doctor visits
  • Legal guide

Once you obtain the Visa PLATINUM card of “Converse Bank” CJSC, you automatically get voluntary medical insurance during trips abroad.

The insured person can use the insurance provided him/her during one year, for any 30 calendar days.

Business Lounge

Become a Converse Bank premium class cardholder and get the opportunity to benefit from the high-class services of the Business Hall of Armenia International airports

Simply present your Mastercard Gold, Platinum or Infinite card and access Armenia International Airport Business Hall.

*Each cardholder is charged 100 AMD for verification of access

The following free services are rendered in Business Hall

  • Free internet
  • Delicatessen
  • Sandwiches
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Rest area
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Shower stalls

Priority Pass

By obtaining Converse Bank VISA PLATINUM and VISA INFINITE cards, you automatically receive a membership card to the free Priority Pass program

The Priority Pass program is the world’s biggest and most prestigious program providing access to airport VIP lounges

Program participants receive the right to access VIP lounges of more than 600 airports, in more than 300 cities, of more than 100 countries

Joining this program, you will receive:

  • Priority pass card (embossed and codified)
  • Priority pass guide (orders, periods, and conditions).

The membership card grants you the opportunity:

  • To use airport VIP lounges for business as well as pleasure during your trips
  • To use VIP lounges not only for yourself but your guests (clients, business partners, friends, family members, and so forth).
  • To avoid the noise, hassle, and inconvenience caused by flight delay that is characteristic of all of world’s airports, enjoying civilized rest in special VIP lounges
  • To benefit from all the conveniences necessary for business people: telephone, fax, Internet, in some cases shower stalls as well as rest areas

Find the VIP lounge in a local Airport via ios and Android applications.

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